Master Blaster / Elevator Gun By South Bay Arms

Paintball Tek demonstrates Reverse pump on the Master Blaster

Tim at Paintball Tek shows how the reverse pump action on the Elevator Master Blaster pump paintgun works.

Started filming a few videos shooting misc paintguns today

A table of misc paintguns and equipment that I'm preparing for videos tomorrow.

Stanley Russell’s Master Blaster Elevator Gun c. 1985

This was the 1st Master Blaster pistol manufactured by Stanley Russell and Earon Carter off of Crosman Mark 1 Pellet Pistols provided by Tim at Mac 1.

Background display for a video with Stanley Russell

This display wall shows a variety of paintguns from the 1980s that Machinist and Welder Stanley Russell was involved in creating.

Early 1988 Ralph’s KILLBOYS Carter Comp Gun

A closer look at a 1988 Carter Comp Gun that originally belonged to a member of Ralph Killboys. This Comp is completely original and in beautiful shape.

Pursuit Marketing, Inc. Ad for c. 1986 Sheridan pumps Front Line

A look at the 1986 Sheridan pumps that were being offered by Pursuit Marketing, Inc. from an advertisement printed in the April 1986 issue of Front Line.

Tim McMurray’s Short Barrel Master Blaster / Elevator Gun

Tim McMurray's short barrel Master Blaster barrel assembly, which he found last week when cleaning his shop in Gardena California.

Paintball History at Super Game 45

Here's our paintball marker wall setup at Super Game which we used to spark interesting paintball history conversations.

Paintball History Display at Super Game 2013

The beginnings of the classic paintball history display we're setting up at Super Game 2013.

Mac 1 early paintball Chronology

Dan talks about Mac 1's early paintball history and the various progression with contract work for Sheridan.

Testing the Master Blaster / Elevator Gun at Jungle Island Paintball

I test the Master Blaster / Elevator Gun over the chrono range at Jungle Island Paintball.

Tim McMurray on the Master Blaster / Elevator Gun

In this video Tim McMurray talks about his involvement with Stan Russell and Earon Carter in the development of the Master Blaster / Elevator Gun.

Function and Features of the Master Blaster / Elevator Gun (part 3 of 6)

In the third installment of the Master Blaster / Elevator Gun series I take a closer look at operating this reverse pump action. There is a clear shot of the elevator raising and lowering and how a 12 gram is loaded upside down.

History on the South Bay Arms / Mac-1 Elevator Gun (part 1 of 6)

Over the last 6 months I have been digging up information on a limited production pump paintball gun that dates back to the roots of Southern California Paintball. The gun has several names, the Elevator Gun, the Master Blaster and the Blast Master. Although it isn't the first paintgun to use an elevator system to load the paintball into the breech (AGA 62 predates this design by around a year) it is a very early pump, built off a pellet gun platform that is one of the first (or at least very early) collaborations between respected Southern California Airsmiths Tim McMurray of McMurray and Sons (Mac-1), Earon Carter and Stan Russell, both of South Bay Arms and likely constructed late 1985-early 1986.

Master Blaster / Elevator Gun Series

Finishing up editing on the last 2 of the 6 videos in the ''Elevator Gun / Master Blaster'' pump...

Earon Carter and his comp gun in APG November 1987

Here is a photo of Earon Carter from an article on the introduction of the Carter Comp in the November 1987 issue of Action Pursuit Games.

Visited Mac 1 Airguns today and talked to Tim McMurray

I took this photo outside of Tim McMurray's Mac 1 Airguns shop in Gardena today.