Cooper T Undershot Sheridan KP2 Bolt

Chauncy Toombs at Cooper T produced a variety of backspin bolts for various markers and this example fits the Sheridan KP2 rifle. These act similar to the flatline barrel.

Sheridan KP2 Trigger Group with safety overview

The trigger group that Sheridan created for the PMI line of paintball rifles is slightly different than the Blue Steak rifles and fits the KP2, K1 and K2.

The Pump Twist Dual, by Mac 1

One of Mac 1's earliest paintball projects, the Pump Twist Dual, was a Sheridan rifle with a couple unusual modifications, dual 12 grams and a rotated body.

Sheridan 12 gram chamber face oring replacement

A tutorial video showing how to replace the chamber face seal on an old sheridan pgp, pmi 1 or kp2 valve.

Replacing Sheridan Bolt Orings on the PGP, PMI 1 and KP2

A quick tutorial on replacing the Sheridan bolt orings on a PGP, PMI 1 or KP2 Brass Paintball gun.

Replacing the main Sheridan valve oring on a PGP or PMI 1

In this quick tutorial I explain which oring you would replace on an older non cartridge Sheridan valve that would fit a kp2, pmi 1 or a Sheridan pgp.

Benjamin Sheridan Airgun Patches

Two somewhat common airgun patches. Tim McMurray had the Sheridan Air Rifle patch on his wall so i wanted...