Joel Kaufman

45 Elite Expansion Chamber Grip / Euro Frame for Mags, Cockers, VM68s

Recent information has lead to a better understanding of the history behind Pressure Point, Inc.'s 45 Elite frames for Automag, Autococker and VM68s.

Joel Kaufman on the Rock Regulator’s creation

Joel Kaufman describes the issues that the early 1991 Autocockers had and the fixes that a lower pressure from the Palmer's Rock Regulator provided.

Dan DeBone’s early Palmer’s Rock Regulator

Dan Debone discusses an early Palmer's Pursuit Shop Rock Regulator which was one of the first few constructed.

Brahim Estephan’s Micro Mini Autococker c. 1991/1992

A photo of Brahim Estephen's, of B&M and OTP, tiny Autococker he created as a pitch to Bud Orr at WGP.

Joel Kaufman’s patches – Constant Pursuit, Mare Island Paintball Games, Tour de Force and more

Some patches I picked up over the weekend. From Joel Kaufman,. Joel played on Constant Pursuit and Tour de Fource.