Jay “The Buzzard” Jackson

Youngblood – Paintcheck Hall of Fame – May 1990

Dave "Youngblood" DeHaan, with his long barrel Carter Comp, is featured as player of the year in the Hall of Fame issue of Paintcheck, May 1990.

Paintball History at Super Game 45

Here's our paintball marker wall setup at Super Game which we used to spark interesting paintball history conversations.

A Classic Mac 1 converted PG and Jay the Buzzard Jackson’s Annihilator

A classic converted PG that Mac 1 converted to a PGP and the Buzzards Annihilator

Jay “The Old Buzzard” Jackson and 1st gen Annihilators/Marauders

Jay Buzzard Jackson passed in 1987 and his friendship with Earon Carter, Rob Termite Smith and Jessica Sparks influenced paintball history.