Inception Designs

Justin shoots his Inceptions Designs Ripper

A look at a nicely built Inception Designs Ripper Mechanical Autococker that Justin Dover has assembled. He explains the components used and then cycles it.

Aurora plated Inceptions Designs Autococker body

An amazing looking Aurora Autococker body built by Simon Stevens, of Inception Designs, sold by paintballgateway, and Aurora plated courtesy of Chris Corcino.

Inception Designs Pico Loader at the 2013 West Coast PSP

Paul Schreck and I visited the PSP West Coast Open and got a look at the new Inception Designs Pico Loader at the Contract Killer Booth.

Contract Killer at PSP Riverside August 2013

Visited PSP Riverside today and got to checkout one of the new Inception Designs Pico loader.