Gary Bennett

Paintball Hill, Field of the Year – Paintcheck – May 1992

Gary Bennett's Paintball Hill, in Northern California, was awarded Paintcheck's field of the year in '92 for operation and attendance.

Gary Bennett on safety, his referees and players part 2

Safety, referees and other topic from Paintball Hill's owner, Gary Bennett, in this 1992 interview.

Gary Bennett on Paintball Hill and Store Wars 3 part 1

Gary Bennett of Paintball hill talks about his annual Store Wars game and the recognition Paintball Hill has been receiving.

Excaliber League conference – Jan ’91 Paintcheck

Paintball field owners from across the country meet to discuss the Excaliber League in an article scanned from the January 1991 issue of Paintcheck Magazine.

Later Paintball Hill Patch

A later patch from Paintball Hill in Pope Valley, Northern California. This patch came from Clegg Robinson of the Lizards of AHHS, a home team to Paintball Hill.