Gale Gough

John Coleman’s history with the Bushwackers and Carter Machine

John Coleman of the Bushwackers, Carter Machine and Dye remembers his history in Paintball through the late 1980s and mid 1990s.

The Aerostar Econolite, c.1989

Frank Wang's photos and questions about an Aerostar Econolite Nelson pump lead to some backstory on Aerostar and Assault Line.

OMMS 007 Knurled pump handle ad and Jack Wada’s Nelspot Pistols

Jack Wada's remembers the history on the OMMS 007 knurled pump handle and an advertisement from the April 1986 issue of Front Line.

Early WGP Commando Body

An early WGP Commando body with some early WGP history from Bud Orr.

Jack Wada remembers Gale Gough’s Aerostar West Shop

Jack Wada remembers Aerostar West's store in Southern California and so cal paintball history.

The California Cobra, Commando, Ranger and Kodiak

A longer video showing the differences between different California Cobra, Kodiak, and Commando nelson based pumps.

Short video on Woodfield Distributors’ California Cobra Pistol

A short video showing a zoom in on the California Cobra nelson based classic pistol.

The California Cobra and The Commando

The California Cobra remains a mysterious classic paintgun pistol from the mid 80s. Supposedly never actually sold, these pistol have a neat history.