FreeFlow Rhythm Body without a Detent

The first few FreeFlow Rhythm Autocockers were machined without detents and this example was recently found by Benji Silverstein. With the help of Buddy Baur we learned some of the history on these bodies.

Nylatron Autococker Bolts

A look at several Nylatron Autococker bolts with undershot (backspin), and open faces from an unknown manufactuer. These are likely from the late 90s.

Freeflow Lotus Autococker with Race Frame

Tim of Paintballtek dot com looks at a Freeflow Lotus Autococker with a matched Acid Wash anodized Race Frame.

Mystery Autococker body and Trigger Plates

A nicely cut and lightened Autococker body and pre 98 trigger plates.

Dragoon Autococker, Freeflow and a Palmer Pyre

A group of pumps laid out for the Meet Up Mech Warrior game. So Cal Stock and the Meet up group played a gun game.