F1 Illustrator

Skip Swift of SwiftLine, an early Autococker Innovator

Skip Swift, of Swift Line Industries was one of the original East Coast Sniper 2 and Autococker innovators in the early 1990s. In the years after the introduction of the Autococker he worked on Bob Long and the Ironmen's paintball guns. He also produced parts and accessories in the early 1990s out of Connecticut.

An F1 Illustrator with a Lapco Nickel Plated Barrel

 The F1 Illustrator premiered at the 1990 Master tournament used by Scream (which became Aftershock after merging with the...

Kenneth Farrell’s Development of the F-1 Illustrator

After Farrell built the F-1, Direct Connect distributed the Illustrator and David Freeman sent me his personal F-1 which I shooting in this video.

AFT Magazine feed gate

A look at the end of an AFT feedtube / feedgate showing the neat paint retaining gate.

Lapco Grey Ghost with F1 Threads

Another shot of the Lapco Grey Ghost with the removable barrel and F1 Illustrator threads.

Taso Lightning (F1 Illustrator Clone)

A cheap alternative to the F1, Taso's Lightning was regarded as one of the worst early semi automatic paintguns.