Air America Regulator Weight Comparison

We take a brief look at the weight of several Air America inline regulators including Uniregs and a titanium Prophecy Air America Regulator.

Automag with the Smart Parts Smart Valve

A Smart Parts Smart Valved Automag with a Daystate Inline regulator.

UK Daystate Patriot Pump

Here is an English Daystate Patriot pump. It must have been built by Daystate after the Ultimark pumps but before they made the Sam Patriot Semi Auto?

Daystate UK’s pumps(c.1985-1991?)

An incomplete history of the Daystate UK pump paintball markers produced in the mid to late 1980s.

Daystate Mark III photo from Olly Bell

A Scan from Olly Bell Showing a Daystate Ulti Mark. One of the most common pumps in the UK, these used onboard air canisters to avoid co2.