David Craig

Adventure Game Supplies Comp Nelson c. 1988-89

In this quick video I look at an Adventure Game Supplies Comp Pump. This was AGS' high end pump option...

Team AGS Nelson with Hypertech Bore Drop Internals

A look at a Bore Drop Team AGS pump paintgun I found last year. The included Hypertech internals along with other high end parts made a competitive package.

Line SI Brass Feedneck for Nelspot or Sheridan

Randy Kamiya sent me several photos of one of the items that contributed to his start working at the Skirmish Store, a Line SI Brass Feedneck.

Early WGP Commando Body

An early WGP Commando body with some early WGP history from Bud Orr.

David Craig and the Landshark

David Craig of Adventure Game Supplies shows off his Landshark pump. AGS Airsmith, Danny Guardado, remembers back to Taso and AGS and offers some insight.

Adventure Game Supplies Comp gun (c.1988-1989)

An Earthtone Adventure Game Supplies comp gun I picked up with the help of Woouulf.