Brett Golihew

Shooting a Paintball Lever Action Rifle – Sheridan Based KL

A video from 2014 showing the KL-20 Lever action rifle being shot. This rifle was built by Jake and Bret at G&H Customs.

Getting ready for stock class at Jungle Island, 6-1-13!

A quick video showing a couple Stock class paintguns I'm getting ready for our Stock game at Jungle Island tomorrow, 6-1-13.

Tim McMurray at Mac 1 looks at the G&H customs Lever Action KL

Tim McMurray, of Mac 1 Airguns, confirmed the 7 interview videos I did with him so I will be...

G&H customs Lever Action KL Sheridan Rifle

KL lever action sheridan rifle by Bret G and Jake. At Living Legends I asked Jake if they were going to make more and he offered to sell me his.