AKA Splat Attack Revenge Inline Trigger Frame – Empty

A look at an empty AKA Inline Design Autococker trigger frame. This would have come on a Splat Attack Revenge V2 or a later inline Merlin.

Splat Attack Revenge V1 SA03RE

Benji and I look over a Splat Attack Revenge V1 Autococker, with the serial SA03RE.

Splat Attack Revenge with a F4 Sandridge conversion

A look at a unique abomination, a Sandridge set up Splat Attack Revenge.

Matteekay shows off his AKA Viking

Matteekay shows off his AKA Viking at our AO vs MCB Jungle Game.

Call Tim @ PaintballTek.com (Paintball TEK dot COM)

A satirical commercial that Tim Firpo and I put together for Paintball Tek dot com.