Adventure Game Supplies

Belsales Team Sniper 2 with Ric De La Cruz

Ric De La Cruz talks about a Belsales Sniper 2 that was modified for the WGP sponsored team, Bart's Stud Squad and some of the unique features on it.

The Rat Attack 12 Gram Changer and the Texas Boonie Rats

The Rat Attack 12 gram bucket changer was first developed by the Texas Boonie Rats players Sam Harrison and M.C. Levey in the late 1980s.

Will an Eagle shoot? Brass Eagle’s first semi-auto c. 1988-89

Will Brass Eagle's Eagle cycle? In this article some of the history behind the Eagle is explained and we try shoot some paint.

Danny Guardado of The Mafia, California Bushmaster and AGS

Danny Guardado of the California Bushmaster, Mafia and Airsmith at Adventure Games Supplies tells his story about Northern LA County Paintball History.

Danny Guardado’s AGS name tag

Danny Guardado's Adventure Game Supplies (AGS) name tag from the late 80s/early 90s.

AGS Comp gun ad from Sept 1989 APG

An Adventure Game Supplies ad for the AGS comp gun, scanned from the September 1989 issue of APG.

AGS ad scanned from September 1989 APG

An AGS ad scanned from the September 1989 issue of APG. This ad shows some of the various products that Adventure Game Supplies sold.

AGS comp and Thunderpig’s Carter Comp

AGS comp compared to Thunderpig's Carter Comp which I am in the process of restoring.

Gilly and Danny of the California Bushmasters

Gilly and Danny talk about the VerbeekOlater nelson based pump that was used by Sudden Death and their time on the California Bushmasters.