Randy Kamiya

Dale and Charlene Hambrick at the 1993 Bay City Open, Mare Island

Lively Series Head Ref Dale & his wife Charlene Hambrick at the 1993 Bay City Open.

Tom Cole, Bad Company, pulling the flag at the 1992 Texas Lone Star Open

Tom Cole, of Bad Company Maryland, after a flag pull at the 1992 Lone Star Open. Photo from the archives of Randy Kamiya.

Dogs of War Patch c.1986

This patch for the Northern California team Dogs of War came from the collection of Randy Kamiya. Richard Wilcox dates this patch to about 1986.

Line SI Wire Stocks and Welded Feedneck 1987 Bushmasters

A look at two Wire Stocks on Line SI Bushmaster pump paintguns and some insight into the early Welded feedneck Skimrish / Line SI Bushmasters.

RIP Bob Gurnsey, Paintball’s Creator, and the NSG Rapide.

Paintball lost it's creator, Bob Gurnsey, of National Survival Games and father to the industry we all love and creator of the Rapide Double Action.

The Ironmen, pictured in Paintcheck 2/92 and early history

Rick Cendejas looks at the Ironmen in Paintcheck February 1992; Mike Baird and Michael Leon comment on the history of the Ironmen from 1985-87.

Bob Gurnsey and Paintball Creator’s Memorabilia page on facebook

Bob Gurnsey, the creator of Paintball, is opening up his archive of classic National Survival Games items for sale to the public through facebook.

Line SI Brass Feedneck for Nelspot or Sheridan

Randy Kamiya sent me several photos of one of the items that contributed to his start working at the Skirmish Store, a Line SI Brass Feedneck.

The Guns of Navarone and the Round Trigger Guard Line Si Frames

A closer look at the iconic Line SI Guns of Navarone advertisement and a few custom modifications on Line SI Bushmasters Pump paintball markers.

Dave Youngblood in Ross Alexanders Tiger Stripe Tux – 6/91 APG Cover

APG June 1991, Youngblood wearing a Tiger Stripe Tux
June 1991 issue of APG featuring Youngblood on the cover with his custom comp and Tiger Stripe Tux.