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Fields of Fire and Fields of Fury patches

Fields of Fire and Fields of Fury patches
A Field of Fire and Field of Fury patch that came on an old BDU.


These patches from the Southern California fields, Fields of Fury and Fields of Fire (FOF) came in the mail today.

Fields of Fire was established in 1988 and run by two partners who eventually split ways in the early 90s. The partner who left created Fields of Fury. Not sure on the one shot one kill patch but it sure is intimidating.

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  1. I have the two patches from fields of fury that are shown but I also had an anniversary patch from fields of fury that I lent to somebody they didn’t give it back

  2. I actually drew the design for the field of fury patch one Sunday while working the field store when the Field was located at the bottom of a fire road west of the 5 fwy. Jed was kicking som ideas so I drew that picture. The original drawing didn’t have the pot Jed added that. Btw I have several In a box somewhere I will dig them up


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