Air Concept Industries / ACI

ACI Sports Sonic Griffin FASOR Conversion

A hard to find piece of paintball history that popped up on eBay last month, an ACI Sonic Griffin...

The BE-90 by Blue Enterprises Corp, and Breakdown Videos

A scan of the BE-90 manual, photos of David Freeman's BE-90 and breakdown videos on this rare marker from Blaise "RulesOfSines" Rienzo.

Shooting a sluggish double action BE-90

A short video showing the slow cycling and neat features of the double action BE-90, the most off the wall and neat looking paintgun of 1987.

ACI Sonic Griffin – Electro Pneumatic Paintball Marker – c.2001

The Sonic kit turns an ACI Griffin semi automatic into an electronic pneumatic. This kit was likely built with Leon Styles of PGI and was sold around 2001.