AGS Comp Gun

Adventure Game Supplies Comp Nelson c. 1988-89

In this quick video I look at an Adventure Game Supplies Comp Pump. This was AGS' high end pump option...

Team AGS Nelson with Hypertech Bore Drop Internals

A look at a Bore Drop Team AGS pump paintgun I found last year. The included Hypertech internals along with other high end parts made a competitive package.

AGS Comp gun ad from Sept 1989 APG

An Adventure Game Supplies ad for the AGS comp gun, scanned from the September 1989 issue of APG.

AGS comp and Thunderpig’s Carter Comp

AGS comp compared to Thunderpig's Carter Comp which I am in the process of restoring.

Adventure Game Supplies Comp gun (c.1988-1989)

An Earthtone Adventure Game Supplies comp gun I picked up with the help of Woouulf.